Black & White Interracial Gay Porn

Black and White interracial gay porn


Baby Star & Kali Slim

Baby Star hookin up with Kali Slim just checkin out wassup in LA and what he discovers is one ginourmous fuckin monster dick. Slim got a big ass piece that needs to be sucked and Baby Star is all over that thing massagin it with his tonsils. Slim then eats Star's ass til it's lubed and open wide just right before he hammers him down. Star can take all that dick and then some, he's lovin it so much he just can't keep from bustin that nut while Slim fucks that ass!

Kevin Banks & Knowledge

Knowledge came in from a long night out partying and crashed in his hotel room. Apparently he forgot that he had given Kevin a key to stop by because they talked about getting up for a little freak session. Kevin comes by to find Knowledge in the bed and knocked out. Kevin wakes up and and asked him what happened to the phone call letting him know to come by. Knowledge had no clue as to what Kevin was talking about. Kevin lets Knowledge know he didn't care about all that he was ready for the dick and was going to make sure that Knowledge gave it to him. Kevin starts out by sucking on the dick and getting Knowledge good and ready to smash his pretty white boy hole. Before he does that Knowledge wanted to give that ass a taste. So he gets Kevin bent over and sucks on his hole. Then its time, he gives Kevin that dick he's been longing for. Stroke after stoke, Kevin takes the dick and enjoys it. Its no doubt that Kevin was ready for whatever Knowledge had to offer. Watch at the end how that hot load that takes from Knowledge and then gives in return.

Baby Star & Chico Rico

The cute Baby Star is vacationing on the beach and sees this guy and has been checking him out for a while. As he's walking toward him he realized its his friend Chico Rico. After exchanging a few words the two noticed the temperature seemed to be rising on the beach, so Baby Star invited Chico to his room just to cool down and "chill". Rico had other plans tho... once they hit the room, their bodies parts and hands wouldn't separate. After some foreplay. Baby Star decided to deep throat Chico and let him feel on that ass hole. Seems as if the two brought the heat with them after a few booty bounces the two say fuck it and the sexual degree of heat rises with kissing, grinding, ass eating, deep throating and then of course fucking. The two don't leave the bed until Chico bust on Baby Stars face & Baby Star nuts on himself.

Jay Sean & Jason Hearst

Jason Hearst hangin out in LA when Jay Sean comes strollin down the street and Jason asks a brotha he wants to hang out at his place. Jay Sean is down like that, pullin his pants down and whipping out that glorious big black dick. Jay eats Jason's ass for a minute until he's ready to take his pipe and lay it down real good. Jason gets the ass fuckin of a lifetime, being brutally pounded by Jay til he can't take it no mo!

Chico Rico & Ice King

These two San Juan papis get right to it! Hooking up at the hotel pool they go straight back to the room to start rippin each other clothes off. Chico Rico gets his ass tingled real good by Ice King's tongue and soon Chico is ready to take some dick! Ice King knows how to give an ass a good work out, this papi is really fuckin the hell outta Chico!

Kevin Banks & Saint D

Saint D comes in from hanging with his friends and sees Kevin working on his laptop. Saint D is wanting some real attention and feels that Kevin needs to give it to him. Kevin gives in and starts sucking Saint D's big dick. Saint loves Kevin's tight pink hole and bends him over to eat it out. Once it's nice and wet there's no stopping Saint from getting that ass up in the air and drilling that hole hard. Kevin takes that shit like a pro and lets Saint really go to town. Saint finishes all over Kevin's face and Kevin sucks the nut off Saint's dick. Saint makes sure Kevin gets his nut too, and fingers his hole while Kevin busts all over himself.

Gay Ebony

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