Black and White interracial gay porn


Baby Star & Billy Baxter

Baby Star runnin into his homie Billy Baxter and invites him over to smoke a blunt, but what he's really into is getting his dick sucked and fucking that cute white boy all day long. Billy goes down on that dick suckin it til Baby Star's piece is hard as rock. Of course Star returns the favor for a while before he makes Billy sit up on his dick and ride him hard. Star then fucks Billy doggy style for a while til it's Billy's turn. Yea that's right, these are truly versatile and mix it up however they wanna. Star busts a fat nut while he's on his back and gettin pounded by Billy!

Kemancheo & Michael Sharp - TOWEL BOY

Kemancheo back again ready to throw down some dick. He runs into Michael Sharp who's lookin for some towels, but instead he leads him to a bed so he can fuck him down raw. Michael's down with that, gettin on his knees and suckin Kemancheo's monster dick and before ya kno it he's fuckin him all night long. Michael loves dat shit, at one point he's riding Kemancheo and busts all over his chest. These two make for a great fuck flick!

Adam Price & David Hampton & Kemancheo & Nyja Davinci

Adam, David, Kemancheo and Nyja are kickin it together being horny flirts. David gets asked if he wants some of Adam's hot white ass and of course he is down. He starts to rim Adam, eating his tight pink hole. They get interrupted by Nyja who wants in on the action too. He puts his fat black dick in Adam's mouth and gets rock hard having it sucked on. Adam's feet are thrown in the air and Nyja goes to down plowing his ass. David loves what he's seeing so much that he nuts all over Adam's foot and Kemancheo comes in to lick on his toes. Kemancheo gives Adam a deep dicking when Nyja is done with him and Adam takes that huge black cock like a champ. Kemancheo finishes by covering Adam with his load.

Cody Kyler & Nathan Summers - CUM 4 ME

Cody Kyler and Nathan Summers are outside playing basketball and they find that going inside can be a little more interesting. Cody's grandma is vacationing on a cruise so they head over there. They strip down and once Nathan sees Cody's tight ass he can't control himself. He props it up and digs his tongue in, loving how tight Cody's ass is. After getting it real wet, Nathan slips his fat uncut dick up Cody's ass. They fuck the afternoon away and nothing is going to stop these two horny boys from getting their nut. Cody busts all over with Nathan's dick up his ass, and Nathan busts his load all over Cody.

Cody Kyler & Ricco Furtado - WHITE BOY FOR DINNER

Cody comin to Ricco's crib. The two ain't seen each other in a while and Cody is ready for some stress relieving. Ricco know's all Cody needs is a good fuckin from his big ass papi cock. The two get it on right away in the kitchen making out like mad and Cody getting down on his knees to suck that cock and when that cock is ready Cody's ass is all wet already too. Ricco bends Cody over the bar stool and gives his culo one hell of a beating. Yo this papi ain't stopping til he busts that nut!

Castro & Yanni - MIAMI HOTEL

Castro and Yanni decide to get a hotel room in Miami, the mood is set with Yanni giving Castro a light hand job/massage. Castro immediately gets hard once he gets his hands on Yanni's hole. The two then have a slight intimate moment as Castro glides his dick in and out of Yanni, so that he can open Yanni up. The moment Castro says “poke ya ass up”, “this is my bussy ain't it?” is the moment these two get verbal and Castro claims to own Yanni’s ass. Once Yanni gets comfortable he lets Castro pound that ass to where it gives a bounce back effect. Yanni loves it and is all for it, you can tell by the way he keeps that ass poked out. Want to know a secret? Who knew Castro liked his ass ate? We’ve got it here too. This Castro & Yanni classic is one of all times be sure to save it to your vault.

Gay Ebony

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