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Chase Carter & Dejuan Diamond & Micah Andrews

Chase and DeJuan rollin in that caddy hungry as fuck when Micah calls em up for a ride. He been stuck at a bus stop out in the freezin rain, but once they get back to his crib he starts warmin right up. Micah just loves being sandwiched between two big black dicks. Chase and DeJuan take total control over that ass slammin him from both ends non stop til he cums all over himself while begging for nut to his face!

Le Trey & Manny Brock - Fucking @ Breion's Crib

Le Trey and Manny Brock showin up to clean Breion's pool. They see the pool, but they don't understand cuz they all Mexican or something. Well who cares, fuck working when you can just go ahead and fuck, dat's how Manny and Trey roll fa sho. The pool ain't gettin cleaned, but dicks are out and getting hard and that's all we care about. Le Trey is all about suckin that dick and getting a real good ass work out from Manny. The two fuck it all the way through not giving a fuck about Breion's pool.

Kayden Daniels & Vito Vega

Kayden and Vito are caught in one passionate make out session, but that ain't the only thing these two have in mind. They hit the bed in no time and strip off all their clothes, Kayden just can't wait to get his lips on that dick. He sucks that piece til it's hard and ready to fuck his mouth for a minute. Vito then goes right for Kayden's ass slammin his mega fuck pipe right into him til Kayden just can't take it anymore and busts a fat nut all over himself!

Cody Kyler & Ken Mariano

Cody Kyler and Ken Mariano are two sweet lovers who been missing each other madly and now are ready to rekindle all that love and make some crazy fuck action happen. Cody sucks that dick like it his last and Ken is enjoying every second of it. That boy know how to suck some dick for sure! Then Cody fucks Ken for a minute, before they switch it up and it's Cody's turn to ride that dick. Some real passion up in here!

Arquez & Valentino 2

Two of the hottest thugs back again for some more raw action. Arquez runs across Valentino chillin on his couch, he just coming outta the shower, so he drops that towel and let's Valentino have at it. He's suckin that dick and Arquez is hard in no time ready for the fuck of his life. After some delicious foreplay Arquez gets right to it and fucks Valentino silly. He aint lettin go of that ass once he's got his dick inside, but holy shit what is that! Arquez flips around and rides Valentino's dick like it ain't no thing. You know he loves it cuz that dick's stil on hard and at least a yard. The two just keep going back and forth til errbody is ready for some nuts!

Gay Ebony

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