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Cody Kyler & Wellington

Cody Kyler chatting up buff as hell Wellington on one of Rio's gorgeous beaches. Cody drags Wellington back to his apartment and the action starts right away. Cody works that dick real good with his pretty face, and Wellington eats that ass for to get Cody all hot and bothered. Before you know it Wellington jumps on Cody's dick and the party really gets started. Cody tears that ass up real good and nuts all over Wellington!

Golden Secret & Tony Royce - Just Visiting

Tony Royce and Golden Secret hanging out in Miami all like whatever man, let's get our fuck on. Golden has been horny all day long and is about to explode, so he whips out his dick for Tony to gobble down. Golden has one hell of a dick and Tony just loves suckin it, he ain't got no trouble taking all those inches. Tony gets his ass eaten for a minute until Golden is ready to jump right into it. He takes no prisoners, going right for the kill, fuckin that pretty white ass all day long til he needs to bust. Golden plants a monster nut all over Tony's face who then licks his dick shiny clean!

Domino Star & Patrick Jesus - Tie me up, Breed me down!

Domino & Patrick have been friends for quite some time. Patrick has always secretly had a huge crush on Domino. One day he mustered up the courage to make his move and sent Domino a text. The text said " I know that we are friends, but I wanna be Friends With Benefits, bring me that dick. I have a surprise for you!" When Domino arrived Patrick was laid across the sofa in his male negligee. Domino immediately was turned on and couldn't wait to give Patrick just what he wanted. Domino did just that, pounded him deep and hard until he couldn't take no more.


Glass is one of the hottest boys on South Beach. His overwhelming sexual appeal is enough to charm any person he desires. Glass is ready to top any willing bottom with his 10 inch uncut cock. The freakiest place he had sex was in a movie theater.

Cody Kyler & Lex - Pool Fucking

Cody hanging out, goin for a swim in the pool all naked when Lex, the hot as hell overall repair man steps in to fix some hammock or whatever... But the Miami heat is just too damn much for Lex, and Cody invites him for a little swim which quickly turns into Lex gettin his dick sucked! After a good ass eatin session Lex starts poundin away at that culo, shit Cody is loving it he's gettin his nut fucked right outta him blasting himself all over his face!

Jesse Rabbit & Micah Andrews - Fucking the Shipping Manager

Jesse Rabbit and Micah Andrews pulling a late night session stocking boxes in tha porno shoppe looking for some box of dvds when the two realize ain't noone else around, so they get horny as fuck and Jesse pulls out his fat dick and slaps Micah in the face wit it, making that boy suck on it real good. He then bends him over the merchandise and attacks that ass viciously with his monster dick like a knife cuts through butter. Micah busts one hell of a nut while riding Jesse's dick and then he takes Jesse's right in his mouth lickin down every drop.

Gay Ebony

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