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Arvion Kylers Dorm Santa's Elf

Arvion Kylers in his first solo shoot. This twink is sure to make you bust several loads. His handsome smile paired with his amazing body are next level. Enjoy Arvion Kylers Santa's Elf.

Day Day & Jordan Jude

Jordan is over at Day Days crib tryin to get some green. Since the delivery was gonna be a while, Day Day thought he'd "entertain" Jordan while they wait. Of course you know by entertain he means bend him over and FUCK his brains out! Jordan wasn't ready for all the dick Day Day was packin but once he got used to it he was lovin it moaning and shit and reaching down to keep that big dick up his ass. Jordan's booty takin deep hits is a smokin hot scene if there ever was one! Don't miss this shit.

Danny Foxx & Taethedoug - Fuck me in your hotel

Tae and Danny meet up at a hotel and decided to get into a little something with each other. Danny loves to have a big black dick ramming inside of his tight white hole. He gives Tae that vibe, like he's been waiting to have his hole beat up really good and to suck on some good black dick. Danny doesn't hold back at all when he shoves TeetheDougs' pretty dick in his mouth. He loves how it tastes and just want it all to himself.

Batboy & Flamez & Xavier Vega

Tres amigos just chillin hangin out in Chi Town all horny as hell. Flamez and Xavier find themselves a homie in Batboy to take on their big ass dicks. He just loves getting sandwiched between all that uncut pipe. Xavier and Flamez are just flippin him around non stop, every hole gets stuffed til they say their done with Batboy!

Michael Taylor & PupCore - Oreo Twinks

The two guys are meeting up after school to tutor one another with homework. Michael Tyler excited to see his crush and classmate jumps into PupCores' arms and begins kissing him. The two begin reviewing the homework Topic: "Massaging the Spine" but the two already feel like they know the steps. After trying to give Michael a Spine Massage PupCores tongue finds its way into Michaels ass and PupCore eats. After much more kissing and foreplay PupCore slips his dick in Michael and pounds Michaels ass until he shoots nut all over Michaels back. The homework tutor seesion ends with an A+.

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