Black & White Interracial Gay Porn

Black and White interracial gay porn


Gavin Xavier & Kellar Nite

Gavin had heard from a friend about how Bomb Kellar's head was and he wanted to find out for himself. So one night Gavin decided to give Kellar a call and see just what he was about. Of course once Kellar received the call he was more than eager to come and show Gavin just what he was able to do. Lets see if Kellar lived up to his reputation!

Cody Kyler & Julian Pierce

Cody Kyler is auditioning boys to be in his movies when Julian Pierce comes in. He asks Cody what he needs to do in order to become a porn star and Cody tells him that he needs to start at the bottom. Julian gets the hint and kneels down to suck on Cody's dick, getting it real wet and hard then bends over and puts his round ass in Cody's face to have it licked. After licking his pink hole for a while Cody is rock hard and ready to fuck. Julian climbs on top and rides Cody to open his ass up for him. Cody puts him on his stomach and shows him how a porn star fucks. He mounts Julian and drills it in deep and hard making him scream and moan so loud he can barely control himself. Julian unloads a big nut all over himself with Cody's dick up his ass then Cody finishes off all over his face.

Bourbon & Prince DiorX

Bourbon was out shopping when he ran into Prince DiorX. They exchanged a few words before Prince told Bourbon how good of a dick sucker he was. Bourbon didn't believe him so he suggested they head back to his room to get better acquainted. Once there Prince couldn't wait to show off his dick sucking skills. Little did prince know Bourbon had a few skills of his own that he wanted to show Prince. Once Prince had that dick nice and brick Bourbon showed Prince just how he used that pipe. He fucks Prince like no other until they both bust they're loads everywhere. See where a lil window shopping takes you sometimes.....

Keller Nite & Syncere Whyte

Syncere had an motorcycle accident but luckily only came out with a sprained wrist and a few minor scrapes and bruises. Kellar wanted to make him feel better about it, so he decided to buy a matching knee high sock & jock strap set. Kellar comes out and shows Syncere what he bought and it worked like a charm. Syncere ends up fucking Kellar like there's no tomorrow. Oh what a simple jock strap and pair of socks can do.

Kristopher Delagado & Trey Donovan

Kristopher is looking for some hot anonymous action. He messed around on a couple chat sites. So he unlocks his hotel door and waits for his anonymous dick to come through. Stranger comes in the room and checks Kristopher out. He asked him if their were any hidden cameras and Kristopher told him no. That as was just itching for a good raw pounding. Lets see if he gets what he was looking for.

AJ King & Prince DiorX

Prince ran into AJ in Chicago and thought about his dick print as it swayed in his joggers. Luckily Prince is in the mood to suck some dick, and AJ is in the mood to get his dick sucked. Prince takes to AJ to his place for some hot fun with a new BBC.

Gay Ebony

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