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Baby Star & Tony Royce

It's Baby Star's birthday, so he calls up his ole buddy Tony Royce for a lil fuck action. The two meet up on the streets of Miami, but then head on over to Tony's joint where the clothes fly off right away. Tony takes that dick all the way in hittin his throat and gettin Baby Star hella excited. Tony starts fuckin Star doggy style and then makes him ride his dick til they both bust some fat nuts. Baby Star the birthday boy is definitely satisfied!

Anthony Avery & Usher Richbanks

Mr Anthony Avery stayin in some posh hotel but his damn tv is busted so he calls for Usher to fix that shit pronto. Turns out Anthony just couldn't find the porn channels, so Usher let's him know they don't have that shit in this fly ass place. But if he wants action Usher can give it to him! Anthony is extra excited at this proposition lookin to suck that dark meat and gettin fucked hard all day long. Usher ain't going easy on that foo, fuckin Anthony hard and fast. He can barely take all that dick, but makes it through it and begins lovin it soon enough! After that ass gets completely destroyed Usher pulls out and lands a whole bucket worth of cum on his face!

Billy Baxter & Daddy Cream

Billy and Daddy are out in the pool gettin wet and foolin around. It's hella hot though, so they need to cool off with some air conditioning inside. Daddy wants to make some plans goin out, but Billy just wants to chill and get his dick sucked. Daddy is always down, a true freak ready for whatever. He been waiting to fuck Billy's ass for a minute so he isn't hesitating when it comes right down to it. He gets Billy's dick so hard just fuckin him he can't help but reverse the roles and fuck Daddy himself!

Alex Flex & Flamez & Jarvis Chandler

Flamez and Jarvis hangin out in the park hookin up with Alex Flex for a lil threesome action. Jarvis loves a good thug dick and that's exactly what he's getting. Alex sucks both dicks until Flamez wants to fuck that purdy white mouth. Jarvis takes it all in while gettin his own piece worked on by Alex. Jarvis then dicks down Alex hard, makin that ass bounce real hard to the rhythm of his fucking. Alex rides that dick til it's time to bust some nuts all over Jarvis!

Kevin Banks & Knowledge

Knowledge came in from a long night out partying and crashed in his hotel room. Apparently he forgot that he had given Kevin a key to stop by because they talked about getting up for a little freak session. Kevin comes by to find Knowledge in the bed and knocked out. Kevin wakes up and and asked him what happened to the phone call letting him know to come by. Knowledge had no clue as to what Kevin was talking about. Kevin lets Knowledge know he didn't care about all that he was ready for the dick and was going to make sure that Knowledge gave it to him. Kevin starts out by sucking on the dick and getting Knowledge good and ready to smash his pretty white boy hole. Before he does that Knowledge wanted to give that ass a taste. So he gets Kevin bent over and sucks on his hole. Then its time, he gives Kevin that dick he's been longing for. Stroke after stoke, Kevin takes the dick and enjoys it. Its no doubt that Kevin was ready for whatever Knowledge had to offer. Watch at the end how that hot load that takes from Knowledge and then gives in return.

Prince Le Beau & Soldier

Prince Le Beau just bustin in on a brotha's bedroom. He lookin for his friend, but she ain't around, so Prince invites himself him and takes his pants off. Soldier tryna tell him to fuck off, but Prince goes ahead and sucks that dick anyways and Soldier comes around to his new house guest. Prince got a nice booty and Soldier wanna fuck dat hard and so he does. Prince can take all Soldier's got to give and it's a big piece he got there. He just slams Prince into the mattress over and over til he gotta bust!

Gay Ebony

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