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Johnathan Riverra & Troy Newton

Johnathan Riverra thinks he can do more push-ups than Troy Newton so they challenge each other to see who can. Troy keeps up and Johnathan sees if he can out do him with sit-ups. When Troy is doing his set, Johnathan leans down and pulls out Troys big dick from his jockstrap and puts it in his mouth. Troy isn't going to say no to that so he lets Johnathan deepthroat it. Troy puts Johnathan on the bed and eats out his ass, tasting his tight pink hole and getting it ready to be fucked. He works on that ass from a few different angles before pulling out to shoot his nut all over Johnathan's ass.

Logan Heart & Micah Andrews

Micah chillin just waiting for the doctor to check him out for whatever pussy shit he came in. Doctor Heart doesn't really give a fuck about fixin anything, so instead of he pulls down his pants and chokes Micah on his big fat dick. He fucks that white ass with his black cock real good and Micah is lovin every inch of that meat. Micah nuts all over himself while Logan keeps on bangin away at that ass til he's ready himself to drop a fat nut in Micah's mouth!

Adam Price & Nyja Davinci 2

Adam is making his boy Nyja some breakfast when Nyja comes in wearing a robe to say good morning. Adam takes him out on the balcony and tells him that he's hungry for something and it's not bacon and eggs. Eager to get some big black dick in his mouth, he kneels down and get Nyja rock hard. Adam has some serious skills when it comes to sucking big dick and he impresses Nyja by taking it all the way down to the balls. Nyja bends Adam over and mounts his skinny ass. He pounds him so hard on the counter that there's no way the neighbors aren't going to hear. He's moaning so loud Nyja stuffs an apple in his mouth to shut him up while he takes his ass. He cums all over Adam's face and they make out with all that warm nut before Adam cums all over Nyja's sexy lips.

Golden Secret & Tony Royce

Tony Royce and Golden Secret hanging out in Miami all like whatever man, let's get our fuck on. Golden has been horny all day long and is about to explode, so he whips out his dick for Tony to gobble down. Golden has one hell of a dick and Tony just loves suckin it, he ain't got no trouble taking all those inches. Tony gets his ass eaten for a minute until Golden is ready to jump right into it. He takes no prisoners, going right for the kill, fuckin that pretty white ass all day long til he needs to bust. Golden plants a monster nut all over Tony's face who then licks his dick shiny clean!

Hotrod & Papi Caliente

Hotrod and Papi Caliente just checked into their vacation hotel. They are too damn tired to go out from all that travelling, but luckily for us they ain't too tired to be fuckin and doing it like lovers should be doing it. Doing it mafuckin RAW, cuz that's the name of the game over here. Hotrod's huge dick just slips right in and outta that delicious Latin flavored fuck hole. Papi sure as hell loves riding that shit and suckin down a good nut.

Day Day & Jordan Jude

Jordan is over at Day Days crib tryin to get some green. Since the delivery was gonna be a while, Day Day thought he'd "entertain" Jordan while they wait. Of course you know by entertain he means bend him over and FUCK his brains out! Jordan wasn't ready for all the dick Day Day was packin but once he got used to it he was lovin it moaning and shit and reaching down to keep that big dick up his ass. Jordan's booty takin deep hits is a smokin hot scene if there ever was one! Don't miss this shit.

Gay Ebony

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