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Angel Pierre & Soldier

Soldier and Angel runnin into each other on tha streets of Miami. Fine ass brothas aint seen each other since college, so they figure it's most prudent to hang out for a minute, have a drink or something... a drink of mafuckin cum of course. Angel wants that dick and Soldier gon give it to him hard and raw. Soldier aint stoppin for nothin, just fuckin non stop and gettin Angel all excited when Soldier cums all over those delicious cakes!

Kobe & Mixie

Kobe the tall ass Dominican papi hanging out in the shower with his boy Mixie getting his dick sucked. After they're all clean Kobe takes Mixie to the bedroom looking to fuck that pretty lil ass. Mixie is down for whatever and gives Kobe just what he needed and when he's ready to nut he's blowin a big one all over Mixie's back!

Hotrod & Marco Cruise

Hotrod found himself one crazy ass motherfucker. Marco wants his ass torn up and Hotrod is just the dude for the mission. Marco loves himself some big ass fuckin dick, ain't nothing his ass can't handle, and I really mean that. Hotrod manages to stick his entire fuckin dick up that ass and Marco actin like it ain't no thang. And that's really all that needs to be said...

Cody Kyler & Ice King

Cody pissed off at the busted ac in his room. Handy man and hot as fuck papi Ice King keeps it real, he tryin to fix that ac, but it's just too damn hot and in the meantime takes off his shirt. He catches a glimpse of Cody rubbin his dick and one thing leads to another. Before ya kno it both of these hotties are naked and suckin each other's dicks. Then Ice King gets in that tight ass real good and deep making Cody bust all over himself!

Byron Strong & Xerxes

Xerxes is a new model that jumped on board and was paired up with Byron Strong. Xerxes is a sexy dude from Texas and wanted to give working in the industry. What a way to start off and being broken in than by a big dick. Not to mention, Xerxes said that it has been a while since he has been fucked. After a little getting to know you conversation, these two get things started.

Baby Star & Tony Royce

It's Baby Star's birthday, so he calls up his ole buddy Tony Royce for a lil fuck action. The two meet up on the streets of Miami, but then head on over to Tony's joint where the clothes fly off right away. Tony takes that dick all the way in hittin his throat and gettin Baby Star hella excited. Tony starts fuckin Star doggy style and then makes him ride his dick til they both bust some fat nuts. Baby Star the birthday boy is definitely satisfied!

Gay Ebony

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