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Christian Xavier & Noah Shyboy Jackson

Noah and Christian are just chillin in bed and ready to kick things off. Nice little intimate moment of kissing and sucking on each others lips. Then Christian gets his dick out and Noah decides to go ahead and give it taste or two. Christian is really enjoying the head game that Noah is giving him. Those soft lips wrapped around his pretty dick is driving him crazy. But Noah wants something in return and Christian is going to give it to him. Once Noah gets his big curved dick in side Christian, the moaning begins and Christian is being taken for the ride of his life. Its almost as if he hasn't had a good dick down in a minute. This just gets hotter and wetter.

Ace Rockwood & Iraq Cruz

Iraq bumping into Ace who just came back from the gym. Iraq invites him over for some rehydration, but as it turns out Iraq just wants to play. Ace got a big ass dick and not afraid to fuck Iraq all night long with it. These two get really into it, fuckin all over the kitchen counter and gettin nasty like no other. Especially Iraq loves slurpin down some nut!

Kilian Smith & Rio Jermahl

Rio Jermahl on vacation in Paris callin up his Frenchie lova boi. Damn Kilian whispering sweet French nonsense into his cell phone while Rio only thinks about gettin to the crib so he can fuck that French ass. Thugs ain't got time for that romance bullshit, so out the dicks fly. Kilian knows how to suck a dick and take it too. Rio is in top shape as always, so he ain't stoppin til he gets his nut no matter how much he sweatin and when he ready to nut yall know he's gonna fuckin explode all over Kilian's face.

Antonio Rashad & Jason Wolfe Breeding Buddies

Antonio Rashad had dozed off into a deep sleep and from the looks of it he went to sleep horny as fuck. Didn't know he was one to talk in his sleep either, but he sure was telling what it was that he wanted and what was really on his mind. Antonio falls into a deep and fulfilling dream. Sexy boy Jason comes to be the boy of Antonios dreams and starts off giving him some awesome head. Sucking that big black dick and feeling it grow inside of his mouth. Well the rest you just gone have to check it out and see how all good things come to an end. Jason sucks Antonios dick and Antonio eats Jason ass. Antonio fucks Jason and Jason jacks off and busts a nut on himself. Antonio busts a nut on Jason.

Antonio Alvarez & Gabriel Grant & Theo Rush

Gabriel and Theo are two punk ass brothas who got themselves in detention again. Antonio stops in to do some cleaning and finds them there with no teacher around. Once he starts grabbin his dick these two thugs know what's up and waste no time dropping trou. They take turns suckin on Antonio's dick then get him bent over so Gabriel can eat out that tight ass. Theo goes first and opens that hole up, stuffing it full of dick, then Gabriel has a go at it with his huge fat pipe. Gabriel busts his nut all over Antonio's ass, and Antonio works out a load on the teachers desk. Theo surprises everyone when he leans down and licks all that nut up cause that's just how he do. Hot fuckin shit right there!

Antonio Rashad & Jason Wolfe

Antonio Rashad comes and does his first scene with a newbie, Jason Wolfe for Mixitupboy. When speaking with Antonio before, he mentioned how he was really looking forward to doing other scenes with the other models and being able to be seen on the other sites as well. Jason on the other hand is just getting in to the game. One thing we know is that he was really excited. Jason comes off a little quiet and shy at first, but he opens up a little after a few good strokes.

Gay Ebony

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