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Antonio Rashad & Jason Wolfe

Antonio Rashad comes and does his first scene with a newbie, Jason Wolfe for Mixitupboy. When speaking with Antonio before, he mentioned how he was really looking forward to doing other scenes with the other models and being able to be seen on the other sites as well. Jason on the other hand is just getting in to the game. One thing we know is that he was really excited. Jason comes off a little quiet and shy at first, but he opens up a little after a few good strokes.

Abdel & Elmo Jackson

Elmo pickin him up some lova boi fresh off the streets of Paris. Yo it ain't the hood, but Gs need a lil vacation time too every once in a while. Soak up some culture and of course get laid like a motherfuckin thug. Dats how Elmo does it. Abdel seems a lil slow, but must be cuz he ain't speaking no english, but the language of lovin is universal and the two git down in no time. Abdel destroys that ass pretty good wit his french prick making Elmo eat that nut for desert. Real hot Paris lovin up in dis!

Pheonix Fellington

This year we feature this sexy specimen that goes by the name Phoenix Fellington. Pheonix has such a nice personality and was a joy to shoot. This guy has a sexy body, a nice phat ass and a long dick to make him the total package. Phoenix is sure to make your 4th of July that much brighter with this summertime shoot. Enjoy Pheonix Fellington!!

AJ King & Prince DiorX

Prince ran into AJ in Chicago and thought about his dick print as it swayed in his joggers. Luckily Prince is in the mood to suck some dick, and AJ is in the mood to get his dick sucked. Prince takes to AJ to his place for some hot fun with a new BBC.

Antonio Rashad & Kodah

Antonio meets Kodah at the bus station and rides back with him to the hotel that Antonio is staying. Kodah is only going to be in town for a day, so Antonio told him that it was cool for him to crash with him at his hotel. Kodah asked Antonio as to why he had to sleep on the couch, because he has been wanting to get down with him for a while. He was really in the need of some big black dick. Antonio tried to play it off like he didn't know what Kodah was talking about but, Kodah let Antonio know real fast that he knew what was about to go down.

Adam Price & Prince Taj Third Fuck Fest

Prince is watching tv with Adam trying to get to know him a little better. They start taking their cloths off Prince eats Adam's ass and Adam starts to suck Prince's dick.

Gay Ebony

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