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Antonio Rashad & Jason Wolfe 2

Antonio Rashad had dozed off into a deep sleep and from the looks of it he went to sleep horny as fuck. Didn't know he was one to talk in his sleep either, but he sure was telling what it was that he wanted and what was really on his mind. Antonio falls into a deep and fulfilling dream. Sexy boy Jason comes to be the boy of Antonios dreams and starts off giving him some awesome head. Sucking that big black dick and feeling it grow inside of his mouth. Well the rest you just gone have to check it out and see how all good things come to an end. Jason sucks Antonios dick and Antonio eats Jason ass. Antonio fucks Jason and Jason jacks off and busts a nut on himself. Antonio busts a nut on Jason.

Cayden Cooper & Ken Mariano

Cayden and Ken just kinda bumpin into each other and quickly exchangin digits. Cayden definitely down like that, so he rings up Ken later and drops by his joint to get his ass rammed by some gorgeous big phat black dick. Cayden is lovin that pipe, making love to it like there ain't no other. Ken can keep on giving, that long thick meat relentlessly pounding away at Cayden and culminating in a fat nut to Cayden's face!

Antonio Rashad & Jason Wolfe

Antonio Rashad comes and does his first scene with a newbie, Jason Wolfe for Mixitupboy. When speaking with Antonio before, he mentioned how he was really looking forward to doing other scenes with the other models and being able to be seen on the other sites as well. Jason on the other hand is just getting in to the game. One thing we know is that he was really excited. Jason comes off a little quiet and shy at first, but he opens up a little after a few good strokes.

Cody Kyler & DeAngelo Jackson

DeAngelo got himself some new wheels, a brand new Challenger, a real man's car for sure. Muscle packed just like DeAngelo himself, with a gorgeous long bulging hood hiding that fantastic 5.7 liter HEMI V8 and its 372 horsepower of fury and about 400 lb-ft of tire melting torque, just the kinda ride a brotha needs for grocery getting duties. DeAngelo takes good care of his new beauty as well, givin her a good bath, makin sure she ain't losin that luster. While washing the Challenger, Cody Kyler comes strollin along, instead of helping with the bath he's just thinkin dick and DeAngelo can't help himself, but lead Cody to the pool for a little fiery action. That boy sure knows how to suck a dick and take it too! DeAngelo lets Cody bounce up and down that thug pipe all day long and mercilessly pounding Cody into the ground. These two put on a hot show fa sho with DeAngelo absolutely dominating!

Byron Strong & Kristopher Delagado 2

Kristopher and Byron are taking a short cut from the bus station after leaving the airport. Byron luggage was lost and all his ID and everything was inside. Kristopher offers to let him come and chill with him until the airport calls back about his luggage. After they make it back to the house, Kristopher reveals to Byron that he was also looking to help handle some luggage that wasn't lost.

Kevin Banks & Saint D

Saint D comes in from hanging with his friends and sees Kevin working on his laptop. Saint D is wanting some real attention and feels that Kevin needs to give it to him. Kevin gives in and starts sucking Saint D's big dick. Saint loves Kevin's tight pink hole and bends him over to eat it out. Once it's nice and wet there's no stopping Saint from getting that ass up in the air and drilling that hole hard. Kevin takes that shit like a pro and lets Saint really go to town. Saint finishes all over Kevin's face and Kevin sucks the nut off Saint's dick. Saint makes sure Kevin gets his nut too, and fingers his hole while Kevin busts all over himself.

Gay Ebony

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