Black and White interracial gay porn


Baby Star & Flamez

Baby Star wanderin the desert cuz his car broke down. He comes across Flamez who knows where civilization is at, but before they do business they gotta do it in the desert first. Flamez needs his cock wet and Baby Star ain't got a problem jumpin all over that pinga. Flamez takes Baby Star and bends him over some big ass desert rock. Probably not that comfy, but Flamez dont give no fuck and just pounds away at that ass. That hot desert day just got a little bit hotter!

Malo & Soldier

Malo callin up Soldier lookin for some "entertainment". Homie knows wassup and he makes it over to Malo's in no time and gets right with it. Soldier climbs on top of Malo and takes his shit off. After some passionate kissing Malo starts suckin that dick gettin Soldier ready for the great ass assault. Soldier damn well knows how to please and Malo loves bouncin his ass off that dick and dont miss the snow ballin the finale!

Baby Star & King Dingo

King Dingo hanging out in his backyard talkin to his bitch on the phone. He tellin her they'll hang out later, but what she don't know is that Baby Star is already suckin Dingo's huge fuckin papi cock. The two move inside the crib, makin sure they finish fuckin before Dingo's woman comes home. One thing is fa sho, that dick going to be way too exhausted to please anybody else but Baby Star!

Jordan Jude & Ken Mariano

Ken and Jordan are sayin goodbye after being roommates for a while and what better way to do that than by having a rough fuck, right? Jordan is real horny and wants to show Ken what he's workin with. He chokes down his huge dick while he gets his tight pink hole eaten out. Ken gets Jordan pinned down on the bed in no time, moaning so loud you know the neighbors are gonna hear. But when you're moving out, who gives a fuck! Jordan nuts with Ken deep up his ass and Ken unleashes a real nice load all over Jordans face.

Jay Sean & Jason Hearst

Jason Hearst hangin out in LA when Jay Sean comes strollin down the street and Jason asks a brotha he wants to hang out at his place. Jay Sean is down like that, pullin his pants down and whipping out that glorious big black dick. Jay eats Jason's ass for a minute until he's ready to take his pipe and lay it down real good. Jason gets the ass fuckin of a lifetime, being brutally pounded by Jay til he can't take it no mo!

Brandon Smith & Kevin Banks

Kevin Banks is admiring the car Brandon is standing next to. He asks Brandon if it's his but it isn't. When Brandon asks if he wants a ride Kevin gets a little confused since he just said he doesn't have a car but eventually he gets what's up. When Brandon pulls out his thick 11" black dick, Kevin doesn't even flinch. He deepthroats the shit outta that monster like a real pro. After getting it wet he bends over and puts his pink hole in the air and Brandon wastes no time taking that shit. With all 11 inches in he asks Kevin if he likes that big black dick and how could he not! Kevin is so worked up having so much cock up his ass that when Brandon unloads all over his face, he busts his nut too. It's definitely a much better ride he could've ever gotten in that car!

Gay Ebony

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