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Angel & Dave

We bring you Angel and Dave, two sexy versatile hotboys, who love to get down and dirty. Dave tells us he is an expert with his tongue and Angel agrees. They say they are into all things when it comes to sex. These to Angel's hobbies include reading and drawing.are the right flavors to spice up any sex session. Dave's hobbies include camping, hiking, and football.

Cameron Cummings & Kevin Banks

Well this is Camerons first time at the Rodeo but Kevin is no new face in this and he is going to put this newbie to work. We can say that Kevin took total control and taught Cameron how to give some dick to a white boy, being that its his first time. Kevin sucks Cameron up and gets that dick good and ready and lets Cameron know that its about to get real. Cameron gets a chance to taste some of that good ass of Kevin and looks like he's enjoying it. Cameron then gets in that ass and can't believe how good it feels. Will he be able to make it or is he gonna tap out. You have to check it out to see what happens. Kevin gives Cameron a surprise at the end. Want to know what it is? Check out this hot clip.

Cayden Cooper & Kid Kudi

Kid Kudi hanging out at Cayden's place getting one hell of an intimate massage. All Kudi wanted was just to relax a little, but once Cayden's hands go all over his ass he can't help but pop a boner. Kid Kudi is hungry for that dick repaying Cayden for his message with some oral work. He then bends over the massage table for Cayden to fuck him silly... but before it all ends Cayden returns the favor and lets Kid Kudi smash his ass too! Cayden then lands a fat nut on Kudi's face who busts all over Cayden's chest!

Baby Star & Flamez

Baby Star wanderin the desert cuz his car broke down. He comes across Flamez who knows where civilization is at, but before they do business they gotta do it in the desert first. Flamez needs his cock wet and Baby Star ain't got a problem jumpin all over that pinga. Flamez takes Baby Star and bends him over some big ass desert rock. Probably not that comfy, but Flamez dont give no fuck and just pounds away at that ass. That hot desert day just got a little bit hotter!

Malo & Soldier

Malo callin up Soldier lookin for some "entertainment". Homie knows wassup and he makes it over to Malo's in no time and gets right with it. Soldier climbs on top of Malo and takes his shit off. After some passionate kissing Malo starts suckin that dick gettin Soldier ready for the great ass assault. Soldier damn well knows how to please and Malo loves bouncin his ass off that dick and dont miss the snow ballin the finale!

Baby Star & Ricco Furtado

Baby Star and Ricco Furtado just hanging out in their condo. Baby just trying to take in the gorgeous night view of Miami when Ricco sneaks up on him and drags him back to the bedroom. Ricco is so horny, so he's not wasting any time getting his pants off. Baby knows how to please his man and sucks that pinga hard in a second. After some good face fucking Ricco throws Baby onto the bed and gets up in his guts all the way. Baby is used to taking that huge papi cock and loves it all the way. Ricco ends it all with a nut to Baby's face and a well deserved shower.

Gay Ebony

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