Black and White interracial gay porn


Indy & Tony Michaels

Indy found himself some damn fine white piece a ass down in Miami on his business trip. Tha brotha got only one thing on his mind and that's slaughtering that ass! But wit a twist, the two are some versatile motherfuckers, so Tony goes first fuckin Indy hard doggy style and ridin that dick, but then Indy gets his turn with a stellar fuck performance and a nut to the chest! Then Tony busts a monster explosion right on Indy's face!

Cody Kyler & Nathan Summers

Cody Kyler and Nathan Summers are outside playing basketball and they find that going inside can be a little more interesting. Cody's grandma is vacationing on a cruise so they head over there. They strip down and once Nathan sees Cody's tight ass he can't control himself. He props it up and digs his tongue in, loving how tight Cody's ass is. After getting it real wet, Nathan slips his fat uncut dick up Cody's ass. They fuck the afternoon away and nothing is going to stop these two horny boys from getting their nut. Cody busts all over with Nathan's dick up his ass, and Nathan busts his load all over Cody.

Byron Strong & Kristopher Delagado 2

Kristopher and Byron are taking a short cut from the bus station after leaving the airport. Byron luggage was lost and all his ID and everything was inside. Kristopher offers to let him come and chill with him until the airport calls back about his luggage. After they make it back to the house, Kristopher reveals to Byron that he was also looking to help handle some luggage that wasn't lost.

Mr Saukei & Tony Michaels

Tony is helping Mr Saukei shuffling some things around and the damn foo pulls his back. To make him feel better Mr Saukei gets right on top of that fine piece of ass. The dicks are rock hard and the fuckin is off tha chain fa sho! Mr Saukei makes that ass all his, mercilessly pounding away with sweat spraying all over the damn place. The two be gettin one hell of a nutilicious workout!

Billy Baxter & Flamez

Billy in Miami for spring break. To get the party started he calls up his homie Flamez. Long time no see and all that, so ya know these two are gonna get it on in no time. Before heading out they decide it's best to fuck for a while. Great fuckin idea for everyone involved! Billy is hungry for that dick, not having had that in a minute. Flamez knows how to dish it out too. This papi ain't playin no games, when he sees a juicy ass, he gon fuck that ass til he busts that nut!

Baby Star & Ricco Furtado

Baby Star and Ricco Furtado just hanging out in their condo. Baby just trying to take in the gorgeous night view of Miami when Ricco sneaks up on him and drags him back to the bedroom. Ricco is so horny, so he's not wasting any time getting his pants off. Baby knows how to please his man and sucks that pinga hard in a second. After some good face fucking Ricco throws Baby onto the bed and gets up in his guts all the way. Baby is used to taking that huge papi cock and loves it all the way. Ricco ends it all with a nut to Baby's face and a well deserved shower.

Gay Ebony

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