Black and White interracial gay porn


Adam Price & Prince Taj

Prince is hitting up Adam Price for some advice. He has been fucking too much lately and it's becoming a problem. Adam isn't really feeling like helping out and ended up texting while Prince was trying to talk to him. Prince figures if he isn't gonna get the help that he needs, he might as well do what he knows and that's to fuck! He whips out his big black dick and Adam gets right to sucking on it. He impresses Taj by how he can throat it all the way to the base and that just makes him all the more horny to fuck. He tastes Adam's tight white ass then gets to dicking him down. Adam can't help but moan in ecstasy and beg for more of that dark meat. Taj fingers him until he busts his nut all over his tight chest. Taj busts his load all over Adam's face and Adam really understands just how bad Taj's sex problem really is.

Angel Pierre & TKO

TKO brought himself home another cute boi from the club. He can't even remember who the dude is, but whatever. He's already late for work, so he figures he gon get his dick sucked anyways by that sexy papi. Already naked and good to go, so the story begins. Angel is all over that dick with his pretty lips and TKO's hard as a rock ready to smash that ass into itty little pieces. Yall know TKO can lay that pipe, so check out this masterpiece!

Cody Kyler & Lex

Cody hanging out, goin for a swim in the pool all naked when Lex, the hot as hell overall repair man steps in to fix some hammock or whatever... But the Miami heat is just too damn much for Lex, and Cody invites him for a little swim which quickly turns into Lex gettin his dick sucked! After a good ass eatin session Lex starts poundin away at that culo, shit Cody is loving it he's gettin his nut fucked right outta him blasting himself all over his face!

Cayden Cooper & Dwayne Jordan

Cayden Cooper fly as always just strollin around to his buddies apartment lookin for some black dick. Dwayne loves himself a sexy white boy like Cayden and the two get right to it. Clothes start flyin everywhere and Cayden eats that ass until it's ready to take all he got. He gets in there real nice and deep drillin Dwayne hard flippin him over and back again. When it's time to nut Cayden cums right all over Dwayne's face!

Baby Star & Billy Baxter

Baby Star runnin into his homie Billy Baxter and invites him over to smoke a blunt, but what he's really into is getting his dick sucked and fucking that cute white boy all day long. Billy goes down on that dick suckin it til Baby Star's piece is hard as rock. Of course Star returns the favor for a while before he makes Billy sit up on his dick and ride him hard. Star then fucks Billy doggy style for a while til it's Billy's turn. Yea that's right, these are truly versatile and mix it up however they wanna. Star busts a fat nut while he's on his back and gettin pounded by Billy!

Jarvis Chandler & Ken Mariano

Jarvis is on the run and winds up bustin into Ken's apartment to hide. Ken is a little weirded out by some stranger comin into his place but he lets Jarvis stay cause he thinks he's cute. You gotta give a little to get tho and Jarvis understands. He gets Ken's dick in his mouth and watches that big black dick grow. Ken slaps his face with it and has Jarvis lick on his full nuts then bends Jarvis over to tongue his tight pink hole before opening it up with that slab of meat. They finish up by cumming all over each others chests and Jarvis smiles saying he definitely picked the right house to hide in!

Gay Ebony

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